Friday, November 14, 2008

Change of Plans

Well, it looks like we won't be making it to my niece's birthday party afterall. Alexa woke this morning with a fever and a stomach ache. I guess it just wasn't meant to be. She slept off and on all day, and rested. She got a headache at one point, that lasted for a while, but all symptoms seem to be gone now, except some leg pain and just plain tiredness.

She is resting now, and watching Alice in Wonderland with her sisters. We had soup and rolls for dinner, and she was able to at least eat a roll with some flat gingerale (just like mom used to give us).

Hopefully this was a quick moving bug, that no one else catches. I'm not getting too overconfident, though, because with a virus, things can change on a dime. So we will have a quiet weekend at home and see how everyone is doing early next week, then take it from there.

If you can take a moment, please say a little prayer for my sweet girl, and maybe a prayer for the rest of us wouldn't hurt either.

Thanks a bunch!
God Bless,
and have a wonderful weekend!


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Grandma Jo said...

How disappointing for all of us! And poor Alexa - I hope she continues to improve. We'll miss you all at the party! Needless to say, Kyra doesn't know what she is missing. That's a good thing. Sorry Alexa isn't feeling well. I will say a prayer for her and all of you. Hope the rest of you stay well. Hope to see you soon. Love you all!