Saturday, October 18, 2008

To Senator Biden

Click here to see Senator Biden's "explanation".

As Catholics we are to LIVE the Faith in ALL aspects of our lives.

You, Senator Biden, have the opportunity to be a powerful voice for those millions of innocent little babies that suffer in silence until death.

And you choose not to.

Your Catholic Faith, Senator Biden, defines ALL aspects of your life, ALL choices you make, including those you make during your political career.

You, Senator Biden, let your political career define your Catholic Faith.

And you will have to answer for it some day.


Mary Ann said...

Only God can judge.

Tina said...

Everyone will have to answer for their actions. There is no "judgement" being placed in that sentence.

Senator Biden makes it very clear in the interview, just how he "lives" his faith. I just reworded his "smooth talk" into truth for those who don't see through him.