Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A Prayer Request

Taylor is dealing with some unusual health issues lately (painful tailbone, pain in the muscles in her legs, headaches, dizziness, etc.). Although her symptoms seem to be subsiding a bit, the Drs. are running tests. She had a spine x-ray today and will have bloodwork tomorrow. And they told us to have her see an orthopedist on Friday, once the bloodwork and x-ray results come back.

Please say a prayer for her. We are just hoping it's nothing serious.

Thanks so much!


Grandma Jo said...

As you know, it could be so many different things - I am fervently praying it is not serious. Please keep me informed. Love you all!

JennGM said...

I"m praying for's so hard on the parents to watch their child suffer.

Tina said...

Thank you both for your prayers! We are breathing a little easier tonight after today's news, but we'll feel better after the bloodwork comes back (hopefully tomorrow).