Saturday, October 25, 2008

I Couldn't Agree More

Read this wonderful post. Give it some thought. She makes a lot of sense.


Mary Ann said...

Besides not getting all the facts straight, you should ask the blogger to read John 8:3-11.

Mary Ann said...

I seriously wonder how many couples who judge others and tell them to "go to confession" use artificial means of contraception (birth control pills, condoms, diaphragms, etc) in their marriages. The Church teaches that any artificial means use to prevent the conception of a child is "intrinsically evil" just as abortion is. The only method acceptable to the Church is Natural Rhythm Method. The Diocese of Arlington has a series of articles on contraception at

Tina said...

That blogger is open for comments if you'd like to ask her directly about where she gets her facts.

As far as the bible verse goes, I'm not sure how that applies to her. We all have to watch judging others. But we also, as Catholics, have a responsibility to let others know they are sinning. If she is using her blog to try to influence people to vote in a way that she feels is in line with the teaching of the Catholic Church, then I'm not sure I'd call that judging, as long as she is not outright lying. It sounds more like she is doing her duty as a Catholic and citizen. We all need to know the facts to make an informed decision. It's tricky, trying to pass on info. without crossing the line to judging. If we're honest, we all judge to some degree. Especially during an election year ;) .

And as far as the birth control goes, I, along with many of the writers of blogs I read are very conservative, well informed Catholics. We are fully aware of the church's teaching on contraception. I have a good friends who teach NFP classes at our church. But what's at stake in this election is the slaughter of an estimated 4000 little human lives a day. Little babies that will not grow up to ever have the chance to worry about health care, gas prices or being sent to war. Although contraception is against the teachings of the church and is "intrinsically evil", it's future is not at stake in this election, and it's too late in the game to allow ourselves to get distracted.