Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Blustery Autumn Day

It was so windy outside today. A very cold wind was blowing everything around. It is still quite blustery, and I'm so happy to be snug inside. The wind blew through the trees with a lot of force, but you can't really tell from the photo I took. You'll just have to trust me on that. ;)

Due to the high wind gusts, we had to bring in some of our Fall outdoor decorations. Evan didn't mind. He got to see Mr. Jack-o-Lantern up close and personal (it's an electric one we use every year). The real pumpkin that we picked up on our family field trip was heavy enough to brave the winds outside.
And Mr. Evan met some little friends that were getting blown around outside, too. We rescued them and let them have a playdate inside with Mr. Evan. At first, he didn't know what to make of these two new characters. But he warmed up right away, and even posed for a picture......

Inside the house felt extra cozy after being out and about in all the nasty, cold winds. Especially with Sky and Alexa taking their turn to make the apple pie.

Yep, this pie smells and tastes as good as it looks! The girls did a great job!

Here are some other indoor "signs" that it's Autumn, and Halloween is only a few days away....

Some things to welcome you.....
Skylar colored this Casper poster. Now he hangs on the front door to welcome our guests. And here's a sneak peak at Evan in his costume...

What a cute little Thomas!
And if you are wondering where my oldest daughter was during all the apple pie baking and such, well, she kept in her room for a good bit of the day. You see, she is quite the creative one and very talented at sewing. She has a good sewing machine and volunteered to make a costume for a friend. She bought the pattern and fabric and is very busy with it. It's quite complicated and is consuming much of her time, but it makes her happy. I love to see her focus and work on something she enjoys so much. Especially when it's something I just never learned to do well. I'm quite impressed with her, actually.
Hope you are having a pleasant week full of the sights, smells and tastes of this Autumn Season.

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Grandma Jo said...

You all are right in the groove for Fall and Halloween! Wha-hooooo! I like that lit up fireplace mantel - so spooky!!! That Evan is just the cutest in his Thomas the Tank Engine costume. It's interesting that his 13 yr old cousin won "funniest" and "best overall" costume at a friend's Halloween Party wearing the SAME costume!! hmmmmmm! AND his 20 yr old cousin wore it last year to a Halloween Party! Boys!!! They never grow up!! heehee Great decorations, Teen! Ter said the scarecrow reminds her of me (no - not that I'm scary) just that I wore a scarecrow costume one year when you all were in grade school and I was a lunch time Mom! We were pretty windy yesterday, too. Glad you took your decorations inside. Love you all!