Friday, October 31, 2008

Atrocities of Abortion

I have always considered myself to be a "glass half full" kind of person. It's just my nature. I'm optomistic and like to see the good in people no matter what. My husband thinks I'm too much that way, to the point of naivety.

That's the way I am with abortion. I have to believe that most people who are pro-abortion are just uninformed or misinformed as to what abortion actually is. If you think about it, do we ever see pictures of aborted babies? Do we see the little victims of this horrible LEGAL act on the news? No. The Press has shown us so many atrocities of war, in stories and in pictures. It's undeniable. These things are awful, and I feel so much for the people who are living this. War is terrible. It's so hard on the men and women serving their countries and fighting to protect our freedoms. I feel for their families with the constant worry about their loved ones safety and just dealing with life in their absense. I keep them all in my prayers. And then there are the many innocent victims of wars, some are women and children, and it's so incredibly sad. Thanks to The Press, we see their suffering in photos, we hear about it on the news. It's right there, in our face.

When I think about people voting for Obama based on their feelings about the war in Iraq. I understand to some degree, because they see the horrible things happening because of this war. (But, I do find it ironic that based on this pole by Military Times, many servicemen and women are backing McCain in this election.)

I was thinking of how people are compassionate about victims of war, and many are outraged at what they seek and justafiably so. So I thought (maybe the naive part of me) that if people could see the victims of abortion, just like they see the victims of war, maybe they would come to understand how brutal, evil, inhumane and unnatural it is. Maybe they would come to understand that abortion is murder. When you see the pictures, I don't see how you can deny that.

There is a quote by Harrison Hickman who spoke to the 1989 conference of the National Abortion Rights Action League, ""Nothing has been as damaging to our cause as the advances in technology which have allowed pictures of the developing fetus, because people now talk about that fetus in much different terms than they did fifteen years ago. They talk about it as a human being, which is not something that I have an easy answer how to cure."

The following are pictures taken from the Priests for Life website. They are pictures of babies, still growing and living within their mother's wombs. So if you are going to vote for Obama who vows to sign the Freedom of Choice Act as his first act as president, take a look below. See for yourself if these are just part of the woman's body, or are they little humans, little blessings that God has already given life to?

7 weeks

11 weeks

12 weeks

3 1/2 months

4 months

5 months

6 months

I'm not one for sharing gory pictures on my blog. Not at all. But if there is a purpose, even a need for the pictures of abortion to be shared, then I want to make them available. Partly because I have a feeling that most pro abortion people are not going to go looking for these types of pics and may never have been faced with the evil of this legal type of murder. I can't justify posting the actual pics, for the sake of unsuspecting people who happen upon them. But I will make it easy and link to pages of pictures of aborted babies.

If you are planning to vote for Obama, and ok or maybe even "all for" abortion, then these photos shouldn't bother you in the least. Go ahead, take a look. But if you see abortion for the evil that it is and you see the babies as babies and not just fetuses, then you might not want to go any further than this page. It's not a direct link to the aborted baby images, but it leads to a page at Priests for Life, and from there you can view the abortion photos.

I, personally feel that if you are voting for Obama, which is in essence voting for abortion, then you should have to see these pictures. We all have seen the terrible and sad images of victims of war, now we need to open our eyes to see the innocent victims of our own "civilized" laws. As Mary Ellen of the Bonny Blue House said, "There can be just wars, there are no just abortions."

Please keep praying the Novena Rosary. There are many precious little lives depending on it.

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