Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Apple Picking Season

Our science lessons are focused on something very prominent in Virginia right now....Apples. I hope to take the kiddies apple pickin' in the very near future, but for now we are reading, coloring, studying, examining and munchin' away on our Apple Science Lessons.

We are reading the books that are in my spinning sidebar. My favorites so far are pictured below...

There are a few we haven't read yet, so I'm sure I'll have more favorites to report later. Johnny Appleseed is written as a poem with lovely pictures filling the pages. The girls weren't bored, even though it is kind of long and has a lot of info. The other book is filled with a wide variety of information on apples and it, too, held the girls' interest. I also read them a poem from this book. It is called The Song of the Apple Blossom Fairies.

And the girls are coloring this page from the corresponding coloring book. Such sweet illustrations! They haven't completed them, yet, but here's how they are looking so far.

Above is Alexa's and below is Skylar's.We will be doing something else with the poem, but I haven't decided what yet. I'll either assign it as memory work (maybe half to each girl or all to Sky, but only half to Alexa) and/or I'll have them use the poem (at least Skylar) as copywork.

They will also be narrating the Johnny Appleseed book and possibly one other. And I found this site which I printed out lessons from. Not sure what of it I will use. It seems a bit young for Skylar, but some of it might be fun. I have some other language arts activities incorporating this theme also, but I'll write about those as I use them.

Getting more into the nitty gritty science of it, I am using Life Cycle of an Apple cards found here

and pictured below...

These are the same ones we used for our pumpkin study as I mentioned in our plans. After the girls get proficient at using the cards, they will draw the cycle onto my homemade worksheet.

All of this will of course, go into their Nature/Science notebooks. I plan to make another homemade worksheet for the girls to label the parts of an apple. And I'm thinking I might do one more of an apple tree through the seasons and/or the process of pollination that an apple tree has to go through in order to produce fruit. We'll see. Apple crafts will be coming up, too!

The thing I'm looking forward to the most, though, is heading to the orchard to pick apples of our own. It is getting late in the season, so we better get a move on!

Then all the baking we get to crisp (mom's recipe~~so, so good!), apple pie and apple sauce!

Who knew science could be so YUMMY?!



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Grandma Jo said...

Wow! ~ there's a lot on your blog about apples! You must certainly get your point across. What a fun way to learn using all your senses and many different avenues. Way to go teacher Mom. Have fun! Love to all!