Thursday, September 11, 2008

We Are All Children of God, Week 1

We started school this week and so we began our Social Studies Unit that I am calling We Are
All Children of God
. It has been wonderful, so far. The girls are enjoying it, and so am I. I'm trying not to do too much each day, at least for this first week. I don't want it to feel like a lot of work and become something they dread. In the mornings they do their necessary hard work (math, spelling, phonics, reading, etc.), but when we work together in the afternoon, I want them to get more out of it than just facts. So here is what we've been doing this week.

I started by reading them the Story of Creation from the Bible. I used these flannel board numbers to make it more interesting.
My friend made these for our Toddler/Preschool Bag Exchange . She made these along with many others. All I had to do is cut them out and color them in. Then we looked at the globe and the world map on the wall and I pointed out the continents and the oceans. We discussed God's love for all of his children no matter where they live. We read People by Peter Spier and discussed how everyone is different because that is how God designed us and there is true beauty in those differences. This book really interested the girls. It's one that has a lot to look at on each page, so I encourage the girls to look at it on their own, too.

We also read Sister Anne's Hands. This is a beautiful story about how hatred of people just because of how they look, can really hurt. And how God wants us to keep our hearts open.

We did a painting project to make the message of this book stick. It was the one I described in our lesson plans. Cay Gibson recommends a similar project in Catholic Mosaic . (I LOVE her book and highly recommend it!) The girls had so much fun with this! They love to paint. It allowed them to be creative and end up with a beautiful, meaningful piece of art when it was finished.

(Skylar's are above, and Alexa's are below.)

Next week these lessons will continue and I'll try to post the highlights once in a while.

This Social Studies Unit, along with our Teatime for the Blessed Mother, was definitely a high point of our first week of school. Alexa even said to me as she was painting, "Mom, you are really making school fun for us this year!". Skylar wholeheartedly agreed.

Doesn't get any better than that.



Grandma Jo said...

Good job, teacher Mom! It is so great when the students love school and think it's fun. You are so creative! What a way to start of the school year! I would love being in YOUR classroom! Have a great school year - and a great day! Love you all!

Auntie Michelle said...


Sounds like a great start to the new school year! The girls are so pretty and growing so much. We sure miss seeing and talking to you all.

FYI, since you are all studying about the continents, etc., I thought it might be nice if Ryan's cousins knew he is in London, England right now and is traveling to Italy, Prague, Spain, France and also to Iceland. He will be traveling with his college for the entire semester. He will return in December sometime right before X-mas. Anyhow, I thought that idea might be an interesting tidbit for the girls.

Missing everyone!!!!


Tina said...

Mom~ Thanks for the compliments! It was a good start to the year.

Michelle~ We miss you all, too! Thanks for letting us know where Ryan is! We will mark those places on our maps and try to look a little more in depth into those countries. How exciting for him! Can't wait to see pictures when we eventually get together again!

Love to all!

Grandma Jo said...

Tina, I was checking out the website for Math-u-See and was wondering what level each of the girls are on. It sounds very interesting. And do you own the books "People" by Peter Spier and "Sister Anne's Hands" -or did you get them from the library? You probably do own the Catholic Mosaic one, right? You might just be giving me ideas for my CCD class. Thanks!
That's neat how you can follow Ryan on his travels. Maybe Michelle can let you know WHEN Ryan is in each country? Love you all!