Tuesday, September 2, 2008

"Scrapbook" of Our Vacation

We had a great time on vacation, despite our lingering colds and the cloudy and sometimes rainy weather. Our plans had to be adjusted and we never did get to use the pool at the hotel, but we had a wonderful time at Kings Dominion! So here's the rundown....

Day 1. Arrived and checked in. Rainy and yucky outside. Our room was small. Really small. When I made the arrangements, I was told the 3rd bed (a foldout) would be brought in the room. But where would it go??!! The room was so, so small. Hardly room to walk. We unloaded, and went to get dinner next door. Very nice people and great time there. We all started to relax. Went to a local mall after, since it was so early, and walked around. That was nice.

We decided John was going to have to go home to sleep (only an hr. away) or we'd have to fit a fold out bed in there somehow, or get a larger room. We tried the foldout bed. NOT happening. John called the front desk and they upgraded us to a 70% larger room for free!!! I think with the weather, people were leaving, and they probably didn't want to lose us, too. And besides, he was just a very nice guy.
Day 2: Very cloudy and rainy. Decided not to waste our park tickets on that kind of day. Went to the mall again. We did some shopping, the littles played in the playplace, and we got lunch there. Skylar found this cool mask to use for Halloween. She wants to be Batgirl! Then, Evan was getting tired so we dropped John and Skylar off at the movie theater to see The Clone Wars. Sky was very excited! Taylor didn't care to see it. Back at the hotel, Taylor played around with Alexa and Evan wouldn't nap, but he wasn't too unpleasant. Picked up John and Sky (they loved the movie!) and ate at Texas Roadhouse. Taylor loved their rootbeer!Back at the hotel, we relaxed. And we found out that they had closed the park at 3pm that day! Even though it had cleared up.
Day 3: FINALLY we got to Kings Dominion. It was awsome! There was a 30 to 40% chance of rain that day, but it never happened! It was hotter than we expected, but that was ok. John and the 2 older girls rode all the fast and crazy stuff. I stayed with the littles. I had rented a big stroller that seated 2 and even though Alexa is 6, it worked for her. And Evan enjoyed having her by his side. They met lots of Nick Jr. Characters! No lines at all! And they rode all the little stuff and had so much fun together. We met up with John and the older girls for lunch. We stuck together as a family for a little while, riding things for everyone. These were taken on the path to the Scooby Do ride.The carousal is always popular. Great day!

We decided that, even though it was our last night to stay at the hotel, we wanted to do KD the next day, too. So, we packed up that night and John and Taylor took most of our stuff back home and spent the night there. I stayed the night at the hotel with Sky, Alexa and Evan. (That probably freaks you out, mom, but we were fine). And the next morning they came back and we checked out and went to the park. This day was more crowded, but still minimal lines, if any. So fun!!! Did rides we had ridden the day before and many that we didn't! Alexa and Evan each played one game and Evan won a Big Bird and Alexa won a monkey!Ate lunch at the park, rode all afternoon, but went home and ordered a pizza for dinner! Such a good time!
And we plan on going back (hopefully) before this season ends. John found out there was an indoor coaster that he missed!!! He's so "bummed"! He said, we have to take a day trip on a weekend in Sept. or Oct.
I'm game.
Sorry if this is too long a post for ya! I know my mom will be ok with it!


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Grandma Jo said...

You are absolutely right - Mom loves all of this info and pics! Thank you so much for taking the time to do this. Sky on those coasters!! It's almost like she'd fly out of the seat! But I can just see her loving them! Looks like Tay and everyone else had a good time, too! I'm glad your colds didn't slow you down. Hope everyone is ok now that you are home. It certainly looks like a fun park! Glad you lucked out with good weather on the possibly rainy second day there. And glad you got the upgrade to your hotel room. It does pay to speak up. Way to go, John. The guy probably saw your muscles and decided he better accommodate you - heehee, just kidding! I'm sure your asking nicely but being concern about it helped. Thanks again, Tina, for this posting. Love you all!