Thursday, September 25, 2008

Life Comes at You Fast

I think it's a Geico commercial that says this.....not sure. But it's true sometimes. Yesterday, around noon, I was getting a shower, since the bulk of our schooling was done for the day. The plan was to finish my shower, make lunch, get Evan down for his nap, finish school with Alexa and Skylar, have our weekly Teatime, do some cleaning, make and eat dinner, etc.

During my shower, Taylor shouts in the door that Daddy was in an accident. He had gone to Costco. My reaction was, "WHAT?!!". It was just a fender bender in a parking lot. "Wheww!". But, this fender bender looks like it might have totalled his car. His little economy car couldn't compete with the SUV that backed out into him. We'll know more today. So I, with wet hair, drove the kids and we went to pick up Daddy (who was more than a little frustrated with the insurance company).

So my plans for the day went out the big deal. I was just so thankful that this wasn't a bad accident, and that he didn't get hurt.

We ended up shopping at Costco, together as a family (that always gets some looks from people~ us and our 4 children, out shopping, in the middle of the day, while children are supposed to be in school). Then we came home for lunch and for John to make calls to the insurance company, a rental car place, a tow truck company and a place to give him an estimate on the damage to his car. Oh, and he called off work, too, just because he had so much to take care of with his car.

After he sorted that all out, and got his rental, and Evan had his nap, we all met John at Logan's for dinner. After that crazy day, it was nice to end it this way. We had a very sweet waitress, too. Her husband and 2 children were seated behind us. When they left she told us that he had just returned last night from a year in Iraq! I felt so happy for her. I remember when John was in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia for only 3 months, and how hard that was. On his way out with the children, one of the staff of Logan's made the announcement about his very recent tour in Iraq, so the whole place cheered for him! That's the least he deserves!

We still don't know what will happen with John's car. I'm hoping it's totalled so he can get a safer car for his drive to work. Think about it......if an accident in a parking lot smashed in the front corner of your vehicle to where you can't drive it, what could happen in an accident on a major highway?! I don't even want to think about it.


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Grandma Jo said...

Thank God John was ok - the car can be replaced! What a day for you all! We just never know. ..the best laid plans of mice and men....if you want to be surprised, just tell God your plans - or something like that. I think you said something like that yourself one time before, Tina. Alls well that ends well. But I know it's not quite over - dealing with the insurance co., shopping for a new car if it's totalled, etc., etc., Silver lining could be a new and better car for John as you said. Love you all!