Sunday, September 21, 2008

Catching up

Well, things have gotten busy around here. Friday was our first co-op meeting of the school year. I don't have any pictures because I forgot to bring my camera. I think it went pretty well. Skylar had fun with her group. They are having a year of Art. It will consist of both art appreciation and creating their own art based on the masters. That's right up her alley. At this meeting they worked on mosaics. They always take time, too, for a game of Capture the Flag. That's a favorite with her gang.

Alexa had fun, too. Her group is using picture books to learn about geography of the United States. They will be making a notebook over the course of the year. On Friday, since the weather was so nice, they also got to eat their lunches as a "picnic" on the lawn.

Evan's group is the 2 and 3 year olds. I work with them and Taylor is one of the assistants. There is another girls her age who assists, too. And boy do we need them! After some sudden unexpected changes in that group, things are working out just fine, now. And I'm really looking forward to how these little ones will grow and build skills while building friendships. There are now 2 little girls (both under 2) and 4 boys (2-3). There are 2 adults along with the 2 twelve year olds working with these little ones. We will do bubbles, parachute, lots of action games and fingerplays, songs, a small art or craft, outside time, and a movie and/or story during a picnic lunch on the floor. Evan is already asking "co-op today?". He had a great time.

So that was our Friday. In the future, I will try to take some pics to give you more of an idea of how it works. This is a great group of moms and children and we are blessed to know them.

I'll try to post more later today. There was a Teatime we had last week that I never posted pictures of. I'll try to get to that. But for now I'm off to enjoy this beautiful Autumn Sunday. Have a lovely day, whatever you do!


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