Saturday, July 26, 2008

Yesterday with Alexa

Skylar was invited to go swimming and spend the day with a friend yesterday, so after some shopping in the morning, we dropped her off right after lunch. Alexa and Sky, though they do have their quarrels, are pretty much wonderful playmates. They each play alone and do their own thing at times, but when they want someone to pal around with, they mostly turn to each other.

With Sky out of the house, all afternoon and evening, I knew Alexa would be a little lonely. She did play by herself for a bit, but eventually wanted to be with someone. Taylor was on the phone with a friend and Evan was taking his nap, so Alexa and I spent some time together. Here is a sampling of our afternoon together.

We did a craft. My Alexa LOVES to craft and I had come across this kit when I was cleaning out our schoolroom (I hope to post about that next week).

It was a simple sand art craft that Taylor received years ago as a birthday present and only used it once. She was happy to let Alexa enjoy it.

It's like the sand art you can make at street fairs or craft shows.

She had a lot of fun and we were both happy with the results. They turned out so bright and cheery!

Then we went on to bake Evan's birthday cake. Evan's birthday was last week, but we couldn't have cake due to his stomach bug. So now that he's better, we are celebrating again.

Alexa was excited as we put on her apron. She eagerly helped me with the pouring and the mixing.

She's a great helper and we both enjoyed the time together.

I'll try to post about his party soon, with a picture or 2 of the finished cake.



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Grandma Jo said...

Thanks for sharing your afternoon with Alexa! I'm sure she enjoyed the "one-on-one" time with you as much as you did. What a swweetheart - and wonderful Mommy! And the sand art is beautiful and colorful. Can't wait to see the finished birthday cake. Happy Birthday again Evan! Enjoy your celebration! Love you all!