Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Me and My Tees

I tend to be the type to hold onto everything until it's completely worn out or no longer needed. We've always done this with our vehicles, too. We run them into the ground before buying new. I think it's pretty sensible, actually.

But when it comes to clothes, some people (like a certain 12 yr.old girl) think a wardrobe needs updated once in a while. Last year I lost some weight and that combined with the fact that she (that certain 12 year old girl) was tired of my "Mom Jeans" sent us out shopping. Who knew I would like the lower cut jeans!? Now, we're not talking low-rise, tight jeans, just mid-rise jeans that fit. It's actually hard to find "Mom Jeans" these days.

Taylor was right, though. The mid-rise jeans flattered much better. I'm not one to show my tummy for MANY reasons, including modesty. And I have to pair these jeans with something....something that covers well. And although I don't overly concern myself with my "style" anymore, I still like my clothes to flatter. Really, if we are all being honest, who doesn't? I have the perfect solution......... T-shirts!

I love T-shirts! V-necks, scoop necks, cap sleeves and even long sleeves in the winter. I have all sorts of colors, and even a few prints, but I prefer the solid neutrals. T's can be worn with jeans (my fav.), shorts, capris and casual skirts. I don't mean the oversized, potato sack with sleeves. I mean Ts that fit and stay the same shape in the wash. They are comfy, they flatter and they're CHEAP!

Oh, and I forgot my other staple.......polos! I have black, pink and brown and have been searching for a red . I like the ones that fit, not the boxy ones.

Some might call this a boring way to dress. They are entitled to their opinion. I call it simple. And that's just what I am......simple (not to be confused with a "simpleton", mind you, just simple, basic, not complicated).


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Grandma Jo said...

Use it UP
Wear it out
Make it do
Do without!
That's always been our motto - I think it was my mother's, too. Glad you took hold of it and ran with it - except we can't do without clothes!
Thanks for sharing about jeans and tees. Love ya!