Saturday, April 26, 2008

Saint George and the Dragon

We had a teatime for St. George on Thursday (one day after his feast day).

And though there doesn't seem to be much factual info. on him, the legends are kind of fun. We read this book and used Skylar's knights and dragons set. The metal candleholder is actually a dessert bucket from Logan's (the emblem is printed on the other side).

We started by reading the story in the school/playroom first. Taylor actually felt bad for the dragon. I kept telling her the dragon represents was eating the people! She said, but still there had to be another way than killing it. She has compassion even when it doesn't seem deserved.

For a simple craft each girl made a shield frame for a holy card of St. George. I used black scrapbook paper/cardstock and silver scrapbook paper. They decorated with red marker and silver scrapbooking pen. On this day I precut the shield shapes because we were pressed for time. Then the girls just had to glue it all together and decorate with the silver and red pens.

I had planned to have some yummy English treat since St. George is their patron saint, but we ended up having store bought cookies instead. Next year we might do something like this. I've seen some dragon cakes online, but they seem a bit beyond my skill level, but this castle I could handle. Or I was thinking of using plastic skewers shaped like swords to pick up cheese or cut up fruit chunks. I'll have to remember these ideas for next year, so I better jot them down and put them into my folder for this week.

So here is how the holy card shields turned out. I'm thinking of having the girls put all of their Saint cards like this into the correct place in their Book of Centuries, at least for now. I just don't want to throw them out. And next year we can come back to them and add to that saint. Maybe a poem, a painted picture, or a narration. I might eventually do a Liturgical Year Notebook/binder and if I do these will go in there. It would be kind of neat to keep adding to it year after year.


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Grandma Jo said...

Very nice, Tina, thanks for sharing. I love hearing about all of the tea times. That Taylor! I guess she's against the death penalty - even for animals? How "St. Francis" of her!! She's a sweetie! You do a really good job with these, Tina. Neat craft - and how you are thinking ahead, just great! I think that cake would be easy enough to do, except for the icing decorations, but I'm sure Tay would help with that and you could change them to your liking. The swords are appropriate, too. Love you all!