Wednesday, February 13, 2008

St. Valentine's Day Teatime

St. Valentine's Day teatime on this icy day.

I read the girls one of the above books about Saint Valentine. I'll read the other one tomorrow. I explained that a lot of this was legend. We don't really know the true story for sure. Framed picture of St. Valentine with statue of Jesus, candles, heart-shaped crocheted and paper doilies.
Heart shaped banana muffins.

Creating Valentines for friends. Skylar and Spongebob (Thanks G-ma they came just in time.)

Do-it-yourself Valentines for Alexa's friends.Taylor designed her own. She definitely thinks "outside the box", but she is very creative! Don't you just love that look on her face?! I know I do. Evan was having "tea". It was actually the end of a box of wheat thins, so they were small pieces. I put them in his tea cup and gave him a spoon like everyone else and he was happy. He did not care at all for banana muffins.

Love to all!



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Grandma Jo said...

I still marvel at how you find the time for all this! You do such a great job, Tina. The kids seem to have a lot of fun! Those banana muffins are cute and look yummy! I''m glad you got the valentine's in time - they are from Ter also. I think they might have been for Andrew at one time. You must think way ahead to have a St. Valentine book ready for your teatime with heart-shaped doilies! Great pics! You always seem to know how to amuse Evan also. Thanks for sharing all of this! Love ya!