Thursday, December 13, 2007

St. Lucy Teatime

The first pic is our display for teatime today. Taylor set it up for us and she did a great job. The second pic is of my attempt to make St. Lucy sugar cookies using this cookie stamp I bought online. There is nothing wrong with the stamp, I just used a rising dough, which made the image fade as it baked. The last 3 pics are of beeswax candles that the girls made today. They all did a great job! The top is Skylar's, next is Alexa's and last is Taylor's. Each girl made these as gifts for teachers. They enjoyed it too. I made some myself and it's fun and they turn out so nice! Next I'll post how cute the teacher gifts are turning out.

Love to all!

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Grandma Jo said...

How neat! The candles I mean. Are they like sheets of beeswax or what looks like beeswax/honeycombs? When you first said you were making candles I thought - ah oh - because I thought you would be melting wax and using molds - silly me! I should know that's too hard and dangerous with kids and that you knew of a safe and easier way. You're always coming up with new ideas. I've seen some like these before - and you add your own unique designs - how lovely for the girls and lucky for their teachers who will be receiving them as gifts. I'm sure the girls are enjoying it. Thanks for all the pics. I can still remmember when my Mom used to make cookies with a cookie press. Love ya!